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Never before have people wanted to connect with each other so much, share ideas and opinions. I have the opportunity to do that with you all, and so I hope what I write gives you a little bit of an insight into me and that I am able to evoke some thoughts from you. Even if you don’t agree with me, that is okay, that is what makes debate fun, engaging and a even a learning opportunity. For me, writing is about self expression, like a singer might write or sing a song, or the way an actor delivers a script and in the same way and artist creates on canvas. Writing is how I best communicate.

I look to write about what what moves me and what I feel compelled to share. I want to write with passion and be brave with what I say.

I am mad North Queensland Cowboys fan (and YES I live in Sydney), so there may be a little of Cowboys spam on here! But there will also be articles about other topics, like what’s happening in the world of Rugby League off the field, with a keen interest in the positive news stories about players reaching out and being involved in their communities and the fans. I understand that Rugby League has some issues and I do not mean to make light of them – I have a very strong opinion on player behaviour and what we should be able to expect from individuals in their position. As a woman who is both a member of a club and a fan, I want and expect more than what we are currently getting. Saying that, there is a a world of good going on in the League world, being driven by clubs and players, and they are the majority. I would like to showcase those men and women, and by doing so, hopefully we can change an ingrained culture and lift the bar.

I am also a Netball nerd. A really big one. I live and breathe the sport and some of the most wonderful role models I have are the women who have represented us at this sport. Women like Liz Ellis, Catherine Cox, Nat Medhurt, Julie Corletto and Kim Green to name a few. The woman in the Suncorp Super Netball League are incredible athletes who work extremely hard to deliver an exciting brand of Netball week in and week out during the season for their fans. A stack of games were decided by one goal last year. It is an intense competition, and not for the faint hearted. If you have not seen a game of Suncorp Super Netball, do yourself a favour and get on board. You will not be disappointed. Do we need more coverage of women’s sports, yep, we do. Lets start talking about that and making it happen. That is another area of sport I am extremely passionate about.

I love League and Netball equally, and they bring out two very different sides of me. They both bring up interesting topics to talk about, so I am sure I will have plenty of material!

I hope that you enjoy reading through my blog – I promise to write from the heart with each and every word.


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Write with passion.

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