Ballet buns, a big Heart and Rugby League

Ballet buns and rugby league went hand-in-hand for Jessica Macartney.
(photo supplied by Jessica Macartney)

I was fortunate to meet Jessica Macartney a few months ago. I accidentally came across a Men of League post that she had shared on her social media account. At the time rugby league was certainly in a dark place, it was the off-season from hell with abhorrent player behaviour, and the regular rounds could not come soon enough to try and turn the head of the media in a different direction.

Jess’s post was a heart-warming story that made me smile. Men of League and their footy ambassadors had once again brought a smile to the face of a little kid who had been doing it tough, it was the reassurance I needed in that moment that not all rugby league players were bad; Jess was also a female face in a world so often dominated by males.

I was keen to know more women who were involved in rugby league and share their stories. Jess was kind enough to have a coffee with me, and the this article was born. She made my job incredibly easy as her story and her life in rugby league is certainly one worth telling. Jess in the National Wellbeing Manager for the Men of League Foundation, and she has a heart as big as a footy field. She is paving the way for other women in the sport and I feel very lucky to have met her.

Jessica is the National Wellbeing Manager of the Men of League Foundation.
(photo supplied by Jessica Macartney)

She has inspired me to become a member of Men on League and I hope I can keep contributing articles and sharing the stories of the great people who are a part of this foundation.

I hope you enjoy this article that was published in the Men on League Magazine, Women in League – Jessica Macartney.

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