A Letter to my Netball mad 10-year-old self

Front and centre, holding the netball there was little else I ever
wanted to do than play netball.

This year I was published on the Wide World of Sports website (read the article here) for an article I wrote about my new role with netball in 2019. It was real thrill to have this published and for people to give me feedback.

My twin and I in our Rep proudly in our Rep uniforms.
Weekends were always busy in our house!

I had people commenting about how netball had been a big part of their lives too, and that they could relate to my story. The netball community is a huge family, again the figures have shown that it is most popular sports among females in the country. But, if we are honest, netball is not just about sport, sure, that is part of it, the physical side; but netball for me has always been about so much more. It gave me confidence, it helped me make friends, it taught me how to behave in a group environment, it educated me in the area of problem solving, it showed me I could be resilient an it taught me to be gracious in defeat.

When the love affair began. My first netball team!

I am proud netball enthusiast and that will never change. The opportunity that I was given this year superseded anything I ever thought I would be good enough for.

But that is the beautiful part about netball, it is always ‘Here if you need”.

A letter to my netball-mad 10-year-old self after getting Super Netball media pass

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